Learn how to cancel your timeshare

Finding options to cancel your timeshare

We have found that many timeshare owners want out of their timeshares because of these three main reasons:

  1. Increased maintenance fee costs
  2. Lies and pressure from salespeople 
  3. The inability to use the timeshare for vacations

Yet, many timeshare owners struggle with canceling their timeshare contracts. Timeshare contracts, by design, are incredibly cumbersome and complex. Finding the best option to cancel an unwanted timeshare is not an easy task. 

The best way to go about canceling a timeshare contract is to first start with a few basic details, which include: 

  1. Where you own (resort & developer)
  2. If the timeshare is paid off or financed 
  3. How long you have owned
  4. How much effort you are willing to spend on getting out
  5. What are the main reasons you want to cancel the timeshare

Although this process may seem unnecessary, it will guide prudent decision-making when evaluating your options. Additionally, we have compiled resources tailored for each specific timeshare company and situation. 

Inside these helpful articles, you will better understand your options and the process to cancel an unwanted timeshare. 

Avoiding timeshare scams

Avoiding timeshare exit scams and timeshare resale scams is a significant component of the process to cancel an unwanted timeshare. Inside each article, you will find invaluable tips for getting rid of your timeshare without falling victim to these scams. 

It's essential to steer clear of any potential scam and to protect yourself throughout this process. If you follow these step-by-step instructions, you will avoid scams and have a clear path for getting rid of your timeshare

Step-by-Step Instructions to get out of a timeshare

First - select the article from our list provided here to find the situation that best fits your needs. 

Second - Do your homework and read the article thoroughly. Each timeshare company has unique challenges. 

Third - Get advice when needed. Our team is standing by to assist you throughout this challenging process.