Timeshare Credit Repair

We partnered with Credit Renew to create The Timeshare Credit Protection Program. The only program built to assist timeshare owners protect and repair their credit.


Timeshare debt hurts credit scores

Early on we realized timeshare owners were at a major disadvantage when it came to protecting their credit scores. We witnessed that many times our clients had been tricked into buying a timeshare and could not pay the monthly loan payments.

To make matters worse, many of the timeshare loans that our clients had were set up fraudulently by unscrupulous timeshare sales people. These debts were not valid and were hurting folks who had placed their trust in the timeshare company to do what was right.

Therefore we looked for the best way to protect our clients and also improve their credit scores during the timeshare cancellation process.

We originally partnered with Credit Renew® and the results were amazing. We found that Credit Renew® produced results that no other credit repair company could match.

We even pioneered a special program specifically for timeshare owners who were victims of inaccurate credit reporting, fraudulent loans, and sometimes Truth-In-Lending violations.

The most powerful component of the process is the MyScoreIQ integration. This component provides the actual FICO scores for Credit Renew's powerful software. Additionally, MyScoreIQ comes with its own benefits outside of the program, which include Identity Theft Protection, Credit Score Analysis, and Lost Wallet Protection.


Credit Renew® offers one of the only FICO® based Credit Repair Programs

Very few Credit Repair companies offer FICO® based credit repair. Most credit repair companies only use one bureau credit score or sometimes soft scores that can be inaccurate. 

Credit Renew® integrates directly with MyScoreIQ® to get the FICO® scores for all three bureaus every 30 days. This advantage allows for visibility on timeshare debt reporting and the ability to dispute timeshare items with credit bureaus while going through the timeshare cancelation process.

MyScoreIQ® includes:

  1. Score Simulator - View current credit scores and potential changes, including possible payment Events or other scenarios.
  2. Identity Monitoring - More than just monitoring your credit, this tool allows for Dark Web Monitoring of your personal information and includes social-security alerts. 
  3. Identity Theft Protection - Get up to $1,000,000 worth of protection from identity theft. 
  4. Fraud Restoration - Experts to assist victims of Identity Theft ready to assist in rebuilding your credit identity.

The best Credit  Repair at a fraction of the cost

Credit Renew is AI Driven credit repair

AI Powered

Credit Renew is powered by AI that analyzes your credit reports to drive results.

Credit Renew uses FICO scores vs VantageScore

FICO® Driven

Credit Renew is driven by FICO® instead of a single bureau or VantageScore®.

Start credit renew and get a free credit repair trial

Free to Start

We are the only credit repair company we know of offering free trials to start.

Credit Renew fully integrates with MyScoreIQ

MyScoreIQ® Integration

Credit Renew pulls all three bureau credit reports every 30 days with no impact to your credit

Credit Renew is a full service credit repair company

Full Service

We do all the work. Trying credit repair alone can be a nightmare.

Cancel credit renew at any time

No Commitments

No contracts or long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.

Credit Renew offers 24/7 customer support

24/7 Support

Work with the same team and get the support you deserve from start to finish.

Credit Renew sends all credit repair disputes USPS Certified with read receipt

Certified Disputes

All of our correspondence sent on your behalf is sent via USPS® Certified with Read Receipt.

No more stress. No more fees.
Ready to get out of your timeshare?