Our Leaders

Charles R. Howard
President & Founder
Christine Howard
Vice President & Co-Founder
Andrew N. Rest
Chief of Operations

We are a family owned business with a mission to end the abuse of timeshare owners by timeshare companies. We believe in helping our clients get rid of the timeshare burden they were sold with lies and high-pressure sales tactics.

Our purpose is to be the #1 Consumer Advocacy group in the country and get results day in and day out. We know that with the right strategy and the right frame of mind, our clients can find the timeshare relief they deserve.

We have helped of countless timeshare owners get the timeshare relief they deserve.

We believe in our mission and aim to provide the best experience for our clients.

We are 100% committed to the highest ethical standards and are proud of the service we provide.

Our firm is proud to be BBB Accredited and will continue to lead our industry in transparency.

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