The Cancel Timeshare Guarantee

Our values guide our process at every step. Learn what sets Cancel Timeshare apart.

BBB Accredited Timeshare Cancellation

We stand by our Guarantee at every step of our process

Inbound Only

We will never call you, invite you to a meeting, prospect you or try to sell you. We are 100% inbound marketing - if you didn't hear about us from a friend, search for us on the internet or see an advertisement then you wouldn't be reading this. The timeshare industry is full of scammy marketing and we will not partake in it.

No Sales Pressure

We will never try to persuade you or push you into using our services. We know many families love their timeshares and we would never try and talk anyone out of something they love. We are simply here to assist folks who no longer want or who can no longer afford their timeshares.

100% Money Back

Our Service Agreement clearly spells out our scope of work and what we must achieve on behalf of our clients. Anything less then that will result in our clients receiving a full refund. No gimmicks. No games. Just a commitment to do what is right by our clients.


Every part of our business is meant to be as transparent as possible. We want our clients to know what is happening and why it is happening. We believe that all clients should be treated equally and ensure that transcends every aspect of our business.

Financial Readiness

We will never put our clients into a position that will harm their credit rating. Our timeshare cancellation process is designed to ensure our clients leave on better financial footing than when they hired us. At every step of the process we aim to ensure our clients are taken care of.

Standardized Pricing

We will not charge one client more or less for the same service. Everyone pays the same and our prices are available for anyone to see online. We are the ONLY company in the timeshare exit industry practicing standardized pricing.

Open Communication

Our mission is to ensure our clients know what is happening in real time. We strive to ensure every bit of technology is used to keep everyone informed and speed up the communication between clients and our Case Management Team.


We believe in respect as the foundation of doing what is right. Every employee, client and non-client alike will be treated with respect and afforded common courtesies.

No more stress. No more fees.
Ready to get out of your timeshare?