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Cancel Timeshare

Cancel your timeshare and protect your credit

We provide a guaranteed way out of your timeshare and timeshare debt without hurting your personal livelihood or credit score.

Cancel Timeshare offers legal timeshare exit
Service Overview

We can cancel any timeshare - paid off, financed, inherited, or any other situation possible.

Learn about the best timeshare cancellation process

Our process is built on submitting first-party disputes, leveraging wrongdoing, and getting results.

Timeshare Credit Repair
Credit Renew

We are partnered with Credit Renew and offer The Timeshare Credit Protection Program

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Our App keeps you informed every step of the way. We make the impossible look easy.

Cancel Timeshare App
Case Management

Your dedicated Case Manager will be there for you from start to finish.


You CAN cancel your timeshare

Timeshare owners have few resources when it comes to getting rid of an unwanted timeshare or a timeshare loan that resulted from high sales pressure, lies, deceit and misrepresentation.

However, you can cancel your contracts and do so without negative consequences. The truth is not something timeshare developers embrace.

Unfortunately the timeshare industry is known for corruption and fraud. These timeshare companies don't want you to know the truth. Their predatory business practices are built on fear and intimidation of their members, employees and any entity that gets in their way.

We know that timeshare owners deserve to have legitimate advocates that know how to help them when there are so few resources to help cancel timeshares.

Standardized Pricing

98% Success Rate

Money Back Guarantee

BBB Accredited

Payment Plans Offered

Secure Client Portal

Native Mobile App

Keep Recovered $

Other Timeshare Exit Companies

No Standardized Pricing

Lack Transparency

No BBB Accreditation

Record of complaints

Exorbitant Upfront Fees

No Credit Repair

No Client Portal or App

No Payment Plans

Fees on recovered $


"We were not sure what to do when we could not afford to keep paying for our timeshare points." - Ann M

BBB Review

Let our process work for you

We believe in making getting out of your timeshare easy. No more stress from the timeshare dues, fees, sales pressure or debt.


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Each step of the way we do the work and keep you informed. Rest easy knowing we are working for you with 24/7 updates through our app.

Get Results

At last your timeshare is a distant memory. No more maintenance fees. No more high pressure sales.

Money Recovered


Contracts Cancelled


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No more stress. No more fees.
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