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We provide the safest, most affordable and streamlined timeshare cancellation process. Getting rid of your timeshare has never been easier.

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The Cancel Timeshare Difference

We believe in doing what is right instead of what's easy. We were founded on transparency and are proud of what we offer our clients.

Standardized Pricing

98% Success Rate

Money Back Guarantee

BBB Accredited

Payment Plans Offered

Secure Client Portal

Native Mobile App

Keep Recovered $

Other Timeshare Exit Companies

No Standardized Pricing

Lack Transparency

No BBB Accreditation

Record of complaints

Exorbitant Upfront Fees

No Credit Repair

No Client Portal or App

No Payment Plans

Fees on recovered $


Timeshare Cancellation done the right way and made easy

We have helped thousands of clients get results with our unique approach and best-in-class tech. We know how to cancel a timeshare and believe timeshare owners need an advocate that can provide reliable results.

Cancel Timeshare App

We are on a mission to fight for timeshare owners who were lied to

We know that many timeshare owners were lied to, faced high pressure sales tactics, or were misled when they got involved with timeshare.

Cancel Timeshare was founded to fight for your consumer rights.


Our clients are our biggest fans


4 Easy steps to timeshare freedom

Let our team show you how easy it is to cancel your timeshare. No more stress. No more debt. No more high pressure sales presentations every time you go on vacation. Getting rid of a timeshare has never been easier.


Hire Us

When you're ready to cancel your timeshare hire our team.


Connect with our team and get the process started.

Let us work

Each step of the way we do the work and keep you informed.

Get Results

No more maintenance fees. No more high pressure sales.

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Guaranteed Timeshare Cancellation Pricing

We believe in our mission to help our clients. That's why we offer standardized pricing, payment plans, and are committed to making our services as affordable as possible. No guessing games or meeting upon meeting to find out the cost.

Paid off or financed
100% Money Back Guarantee
No Hidden Fees
Special Access to Credit Renew's Timeshare Credit Protection Program
Designated Case Manager
Cancel Timeshare Mobile App
Keep 100% of any recovered money

18 Easy Payments of


No more fees.
No more headaches.
No more timeshare.

*Service Total - $5,382
*All clients qualify for the 0% interest - 12 month payment plan
*Most timeshare situations qualify

Frequently Asked Questions

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No more stress. No more fees.
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