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The best timeshare exit company

We are a family owned business with a mission to end the abuse of timeshare owners by timeshare companies. We believe in helping our clients get rid of the timeshare burden they were sold with lies and high-pressure sales tactics. Our purpose is to be the #1 Consumer Advocacy group in the country and get results day in and day out. We know that with the right strategy and the right frame of mind, our clients can find the timeshare relief they deserve. 

We know our industry has been fraught with scams to deceive and mislead timeshare owners. It isn't just coming from the timeshare companies. We have heard of countless scams to try and take money out of the pockets of timeshare owners. We know finding the right company is tough.

We are 100% committed to the highest ethical standards and are proud of the excellent service we provide. If you are ever contacted with offers to sell your timeshare and the company asks for listing fees - don't walk, run! We know finding the right company can be overwhelming when trying to get out of your timeshare. That's why we strive to maintain the highest levels of accreditation. Our firm is proud to be BBB Accredited, highly reviewed on TrustPilot and members of The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Our Leadership Team

Charles R. Howard


Charles has years of experience assisting timeshare owners. He is passionate about helping dissatisfied timeshare owners find relief from their unwanted timeshares.

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Christine C. Howard

Vice President of Customer Success

Christine has over ten years of experience helping dissatisfied timeshare owners find their way out. Christine knows our job is more than just getting rid of timeshares.

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Andrew N. Rest

Vice President of Operations

Andrew is a passionate advocate for Consumers' Rights. He guides the Case Management Team and sits on the board of Dispute Resolution.

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What makes our team great?

The Qualities of Our Team

Cancel Timeshare Team


Our Leadership Team has more experience in the timeshare industry than any of our competitors and uses it to deliver results.


We are committed to making this process as easy as possible. We know how stressful timeshares can be and want to make getting out of your timeshare as stress free as possible.


We are dedicated to delivering results and getting our clients out of their timeshare as quickly as possible. Our values are mission first, people always!